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Computer Labs, Locations

The campus runs a number of well equipped, up-to-date computer labs. There are also a number of specialised computer labs on campus supporting multimedia, collaboration technologies and computer networking.

The computer rooms typically contain between 16 and 30 computers and are structured to support teaching with the Windows operating system. The rooms are set up to function for face to face teaching and general use.

There are:

All staff and students of the educational sectors (Senior College, TAFE & SCU) located at the campus are able to use the labs.

All computers in these labs have CD/DVD Burners and LCD Monitors that are fully adjustable including turning 180 degrees.


The labs are located on the first two levels of A2 block.

PDF Map of A Block Lab Locations

CHEC Computer Labs

  • Windows labs: A.G.6; A.G.7; A.G.8; A.G.10; A.1.6; A.1.10; A.1.12; A.1.14; A.1.24
  • Library labs: E.1.8; E.1.15; E.2.1

Support is available from the Help Desk located in A.G.11 (A2 Block).

There are also 13 Windows and 5 Macintosh computers in the Student Learning Centre in O1.36. Support for the Student Learning Centre is provided within the centre.

More information about the Student Learning Centre

Lab Details

Library & Lab Computer Details

Remember When Using Labs

  • Always check the exterior doors to A Block for IMPORTANT NOTICES
  • Use headphones to avoid disturbing fellow students
  • For OH & S use hand sanitisers before using the computers. Footrests are available for loan from the Help Desk
  • Backup your files regularly!!! More information about backing up
  • USB Drives It's only temporary storage for transferring info between computers. Save your work to your My Documents (U: Drive on campus and at home), then copy over to your USB drive
  • Noticeboards inside the labs have extra information sheets with helpful information
  • On-campus accounts get removed at Christmas and if you are returning in the following year, are recreated shortly after. Hence you need to take a copy of your files before Christmas
  • Check your email at least once a week

Lab Issues

To find out what the status of issues in the computers labs click here.


Each computer lab has a black & white laser printer installed. Each printer is capable of double sided (duplex) printing and is set to this automatically. Printers are checked and filled with paper every week by the CHECiT team. There is payment required for printing in CHEC Computer Labs. See the Print Cost Recovery Pamphlet for more information.

Colour Printing

Is only available in the Library and the Student Learning Centre.

Prohibited in Computer Labs

The following items are a breach of PDF CHEC ICT Acceptable Computer Use Policy and abuse of this policy can result in you losing access rights.

  • Eating, drinking or smoking
  • Playing Games
  • Using private software applications
  • Storing files in locations other than CD/DVD, USB drive or your U: drive
  • Excessive noise eg. playing music without headphones or loud talking
  • Using another person's username or allowing another person to use your username
  • Stealing copyrighted material eg. copying audio and data CD-Rom's
  • Using your account/directory for any work that does not relate to your studies
  • Improperly interfering with or changing computer equipment

It is also important that students be aware that they do not have to put up with any of these breaches (especially noise). If you visit the Help Desk with a description (eg. a guy with a green shirt in the backrow of A.G.8) then CHECiT will remedy this. A description is important as the offending students often behave themselves when CHECiT or Security walk into the lab.

Updated: 21 March 2014

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