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Wireless Access

Wireless SignWireless access is the ability to connect a laptop or other wireless device to a network without any cables. At CHEC, this means you can sit in a "hot spot" area and browse the Internet and access your email with your wireless devices. View the list of "Hot Spot" Locations.

There are currently 3 networks available:

For details on how to connect and what devices work on which network see below.

Hint: Mobile Devices like iPhones, iPADs and Andriod devices are easier to setup reading instructions off a computer. For more information go to our Mobile Devices page.


Various wireless devices can connect to this network;

  • Laptop computers running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Other select mobile devices

Information on how to connect to the wireless@SCU network is available from the setup@wireless page*

Answers to other questions regarding SCU's Wireless network are available from SCU's Technology Services website*


The same wireless devices that connect to wireless@SCU can also connect to this network.

Eduroam is a worldwide education roaming service now available at Southern Cross University. Eduroam provides a secure wireless connection for staff, students and visitors. Being part of eduroam allows you to visit a participating institution and connect to the internet the same way you do on campus - all without having to request a guest account.

More Information on Eduroam*

CHSC/TAFE Wireless

Information on how to connect to the CHSC/TAFE network is available by connecting to the setup@CHSC/TAFE network on your laptop or mobile device. Once you are connected open your web browser (eg, Internet Explorer) and more instructions will be available.

Answers to other questions regarding CHSC/TAFE's Wireless network are available from our FAQ page

Having Problems Connecting?

If you have followed the configuration guides and still have problems connecting check out the FAQs.

Wireless Clinics

If you still cannot connect, contact the CHECiT Help Desk in A.G.11. Please be aware that we can only have a quick look (< 5 mins). If the problem takes longer than this to resolve we will book the laptop in to a wireless support clinic.

The wireless support clinics involve signing a (damage) disclaimer form, leaving the laptop & power adapter and any passwords with the Help Desk. They are run by the Client Technology Support (CTS) team each weekday between 11am and 12pm.

PDF SCU Disclaimer Form
PDF CHSC/TAFE Disclaimer Form

Virus Protection

We HIGHLY recommend that you have anti virus software installed on your computer and keep it regularly updated.

SCU Staff and Students - can download it from their Intranet pages.Locked SCU - Software*.

TAFE and Senior College Staff - have access to free anti virus software for home and can download it from their Intranet pages.Locked DET Intranet Page - Software * (needs to be downloaded here on campus)

TAFE and Senior College Students - There is currently no free antivirus software available for home use by Senior College or TAFE students. Check out the FAQ for more details.

More Questions or Information

Go to FAQs

Updated: 07 January 2014

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